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El Cheapo DIY Air Gates

First few laps through my DIY Airgates, made with PVC Conduit and Pool Noodles.  They held up surprisingly well the first season!

FPV Progress

Just a no-frills video showing my FPV progress.  I’m flying an Armattan FPV Rev2 Tilt with Armattan custom T-Motor 1800kv motors and 8045 props on 3S.  next year I’m moving up to 4S and...

Bye Bye, Motor!

Some flights are doomed from the start… Trying to catch a cool shot of a friend’s quad taking off, and things went downhill from there.  After we retrieved the quad we checked the footage...

The Snowblower – Hybrid Airboat/Sled

My wife and I taking out a hastily scratch built airboat for a test run in the snow.  Built with Dollar Tree Foam Board (Adams), hot glue, packing tape, and spare parts.  Uses a...

July 2014 Compilation

Here’s a compilation video I made using a cheap 450 kit from banggood.  The kit sported a 2-axis GoPro gimbal, which made for some steady shots.